Corporate Governance

Sinochem International abides by the Company Law, Securities Law, Governance Guidelines for Listed Companies, and relevant laws and regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It strengthens the normative construction and operation of the board of directors, strengthens the core role of decision-making,and steadily improves the level of scientific and accurate decision-making and governance.

Structure of Corporate Governance

The company has established a governance structure consisting of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and professional committees, etc. It authorizes the management of the company to be responsible for operations, with clear rights and responsibilities, close cooperation, and standardized operations. The board of directors consists of seven directors and has five professional committees. The board of directors provides support and advice for efficient, standardized, and scientific decision-making. As independent directors, three industry experts with professional backgrounds in finance, law, accounting and mergers and acquisitions, serve as the chairpersons of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee, the Remuneration and Evaluation Committee, and the Audit and Risk Committee, respectively. Independent directors account for more than half of the professional committees, helping to ensure independent and prudent decisionmaking. Employee representative supervisors are elected by the company's employee representative meeting, in line with the Company Law and the company's articles of association and other relevant regulations to protect the legitimate rights of employees in corporate governance.

The company provides training to newly appointed directors. It covers the company's business and operation overview, organizational structure, statutory and supervisory obligations of directors and supervisors, and the scope of responsibility of each committee. This helps to ensure that directors have the necessary understanding of the company's operations and business development, so that they can perform their duties properly under regulations and company rules.

Information Disclosure and Investor Relations Management

Sinochem International strictly abides by regulatory and compliance requirements to disclose information that investors are concerned about, and continuously improves the quality of disclosure to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and fairness of information disclosure. In August 2021, Sinochem International received an A-level evaluation in the Shanghai Stock Exchange's 2020-2021 information disclosure work evaluation for listed companies.

Based on the Investor Relations Workbook, Sinochem International has established a robust two-way communication mechanism and platform for investors. It periodically responds to investors' questions via its official WeChat, investor hotline, SSE e-interactions, and other platforms. Performance briefings, resolution announcements, news information, shareholders' meetings, etc., ensure that investors have prompt and accurate important information about factors such as company strategy, major events, corporate operations and financial performance, and continue to improve information transparency and credibility in the capital market.

The company attaches great importance to protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, especially small and medium investors. It strengthens two-way communication with small and medium investors through visits, special internet phone exchanges, one-to-one (or one-to-many) roadshows, and small-scale strategy meetings to enhance investor confidence.

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