HSE Management

Sinochem International carries out systematic management with an HSE risk identification, control and management mechanism covering all staff members and processes across all perspectives. That is to guarantee and support sustainable development of the company and to achive harmony among individuals, machines and the environment through continuous improvement.

HSE Management

Sinochem International has prepared Management Measures for Construction of HSE System and Document Control and Emergency Plan for HSE Accidents in accordance with production safety standards (ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and other management systems) to continuously improve its HSE Management System.

During the long-term implementation of the DuPont Safety Improvement Program, Sinochem International has established a distinctive 24-element HSE system. Along with theoretical instruction for HSE management, it enforces "Three Standards" (standard sites, standard activities and standard operation) to turn HSE elements into a series of standardized, stable and repeatable practices.

HSE Management

Sinochem International certified with ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001

We have set up HSE executive group and Production & Operation executive group under the Sustainable Development Committee of the Board, to supervise and implement HSE regulations and to carry out regular HSE performance inspections of all departments and subsidiaries. Meanwhile, Sinochem International and all of its subsidiaries have signed the Letter of HSE Responsibilities, to hold accountability in safety, optimize HSE systems and standards, strengthen performance and establish responsibility assessment mechanisms, thus putting HSE risks under effective control.

KPIs in 2019:
● No fatal accidents or deaths
● No environmental pollution accidents
● No occupational disease cases
● All employees (including employees of third parties) are subject to HSE review

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