Based on the "customers first" concept, Sinochem International continuously strives to improve product quality, innovate service capabilities, strengthen communication with customers, obtain and consolidate customer opinions and integrate them into product and service quality improvement measures, continue to improve customer satisfaction, and demonstrate responsibility to our customers.

Excellent Operations

Based on the unique characteristics of the enterprise, the company has built the Sinochem fine chemical Excellence operation System (SES) encompassing the entire process from customer opportunities to production and operations. The system features a three-stage evaluation mechanism that awards bronze, silver and gold medals based on the stages in which the enterprises are at. This helps the enterprises make continuous improvements in terms of cost, safety, quality and other aspects. In 2021, all new production enterprises of the company had fully deployed the SES system, which immensely improved the management of production operations and overall quality.

Product Quality

The company has implemented overall quality management measures, formulating "Quality Management Measures for Production Enterprises" and "Process Quality Management Standards for Production Enterprises". In 2021, the company issued "Administrative Measures for Customer Health and Safety Protection" to implement strict controls over the production process and product quality as well as exercise responsibility over the health and safety of customers.

Customer Satisfaction

The company has formulated regulations for customer satisfaction evaluations and complaint handling management, established a robust integrated service system, provided a host of pre-sale, during-sale and after-sale customer services, and ensured that products and services meet customer requirements. Furthermore, the company has also set up platforms and organizations for customer service and complaint handling to solve customer problems in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction surveys are also carried out on a regular basis to learn about customer needs and their opinions on products and services, following which rectification plans are formulated to better maintain customer relationships.

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