Promoting Building

As a state-owned chemical enterprise directly under the central government, Sinochem International adheres to the leadership of the Party and promotes Party building. In 2019, the Sinochem International Party Committee follows the guide of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully promotes Party building, and carries forward theme educational activities and thorough inspection and rectification.

Promoting Party Building

Sinochem International guarantees the implementation of corporate strategies, in-depth reform and comprehensive transformation with high-quality Party building efforts. We inspire Party members to be role models at their posts, and give play to the role of demonstration of grass-roots party organizations and party members in production and operational safety as well as innovation through setting up Party building demonstration sites and Party member pioneering posts along with launching various campaigns including Party Member for Excellence, No Rule Violation, No Safety Accident by Your Side, Stay Safe with Party Member, and Red-Flag Group Contest during the company’s construction of new industrial bases and major projects.

KPIs in 2019:
● 1 outstanding CPC member of the central SOE
● 2 model workers of the central SOE
● Yangnong Group awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Central SOEs" by the ETTIC and SASAC
● The 9625 Team of Shenyang Sciencreat won the title of "Brand Team with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"
● The hydrochloric acid workshop section of chlorine alkali factory of Yangnong Group won the title of "Youth Civilization Unit of Central SOEs" granted by CCYL Central SOE Working Committee
● 360 Party building activities
● Party building activities participated by 4,000 persons

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