Risks and Compliance

Sinochem International pays great attention to comprehensive risk management and internal control, continuously improves the ability and level of risk management, advocates a corporate culture of integrity and integrity, and guarantees the Company's high-quality, sustainable development through standardized compliance management.

Risk Prevention and Control

According to national laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of guiding documents such as Risk Management Regulations, Internal Control Management Regulations and Risk Event Reporting Management Measures, Sinochem International has established and continuously improved a comprehensive risk management system that matches the Company’s strategic objectives and adapts to the Company’s reality, and regularly reports to the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors on issues such as risk response, internal control and internal audit, and is committed to achieving the Company's strategic and operational objectives at a high level.

As an A-share listed company, Sinochem International discloses the Internal Control Evaluation Report signed by the Board of Directors every year and accepts external and internal control audits. In recent years, the Company’s internal control has not incurred any material or material deficiency, and the overall operation is effective.

Compliance Management

Sinochem International strictly complies with the laws and regulations of China and places of operation, abides by business ethics, clarifies compliance responsibilities, cultivates compliance culture, formulates corresponding compliance systems and codes of conduct, and ensures the Company’s compliance operation in accordance with the law.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

Sinochem International strictly complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and invests, including the prevention of bribery, extortion, fraud, and anti-unfair competition, etc., having laid down the clean practice management methods and constraint mechanism, and formulating the Sinochem International Anti-Corruption Policy to strengthen the management of corruption and embezzlement incidents, jointly foster an incorruptible and industrious working climate, and strictly prevent corruption or fraud incidents from occurring.

Sinochem International has signed the Supplier Integrity Commitment with its suppliers, which requires suppliers to refrain from committing any form of corruption and dishonesty, including bribery in relation to public officials or business partners to influence decisions, conflict of interest, fraud, money laundering, misappropriation, concealment, and trading in influence.

IP Protection

Under the leadership of the IP Management Committee, Sinochem International has established a collaborative working mechanism among marketing, R&D, IP, and legal departments based on the IP Management Regulations, Patent Risk Management Measures, Confidentiality Management Measures, and R&D Project Management Measures to continuously improve the IP management system, strengthen the awareness and capability of IP protection, and protect partners and the Company's IP rights are not infringed upon.

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