Information Security

Sinochem International vigorously promotes the construction of confidentiality management system, continuously improves the level of legalization of confidentiality, gradually establishes a new mechanism of confidentiality to meet the requirements of new forms, clarifies the scope of information involving confidentiality, forms the workflow for determining confidentiality, prepares major project management methods, refines and perfects the response mechanism for leakage of confidentiality, to ensures the safety of national and commercial secrets.

In terms of customer privacy protection, Sinochem International treats customer information as corporate business secrets, having improved account authority management in 2020, incorporated all-important server and database operations and maintenance into the log management system, strengthened internet outlet control, and conducted network security testing on application systems to prevent leakage of user information.

Sinochem International signs confidentiality agreements with all of its suppliers, relevant partners, and information technology personnel, and establishes good cooperation with universities, industry peers, and other R&D institutions, shares intellectual property rights and interests according to the confidentiality agreements and relevant cooperation agreements, and protects the commercial secrets of its partners, which is well received by the industry.

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