New Materials

Advanced chemical materials serve as an important pillar for economic and technological development. It is the key sector to a high-quality economy and the transformation and upgrading of China’s chemical industry from large scale to high quality. Sinochem International has been researching and developing lightweight and high-performance materials and their industrial application to boost the sustainability of high-end manufacturing industries.

New Materials
High-performance Membranes

High-performance membranes are the core materials for advanced and efficient separation technologies. They have become one of the common technologies for solving major problems regarding water resources, energy, and the environment. Sinochem International focuses on integrated solutions for membranes in the water treatment and separation industry, developing and producing reverse osmosis membranes, nano-filtration membranes, degassing membranes, and electro-driven ion membranes, which are widely used in zero discharge, wastewater reuse, brackish water desalination, ultra-pure water purification and civil water purification.

New Materials

Our diversified membrane products can meet customers' needs for high-quality product water, low operating energy consumption, low maintenance costs, and low investment costs. Based on our unique reverse osmosis membrane formulation, combined with imported intelligent production equipment and innovative production processes, we develop reverse osmosis membranes with excellent desalination rate, water production flux and anti-pollution performance, and continue to promote industry-leading high-performance reverse osmosis membranes in seawater desalination, electronic semiconductor, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and other fields.

Lightweight Materials

ELIX Polymers, a subsidiary of Sinochem International, is a specialist supplier of tailor-made solutions for high-quality thermoplastic applications, developing and producing eco-friendly products for the automotive manufacturing, medical, electrical equipment, and electronic devices. Its developed materials such as ECO ABS-NF thermoplastics, new generation ABS/PC (PMMA injection optional), bio-based ABS (ABS/PLA,) and electroplating ABS/PC with lower density are all excellent in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Polyolefin Resins

Wind energy is a clean and renewable energy with huge reserves for power generation. Sinochem International has been designing new material solutions for the wind power industry to further promote its sustainability.

The new high-performance polyolefin resin developed by the composites researchers of Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center is featured with high strength, modulus, and paintability. It can be used in fiber-reinforced composite blades of wind turbines. The process does not require a release agent and can be sprayed directly without post-treatment, which effectively reduces dust and environmental pollution compared to traditional processes. At the same time, the new polyolefin resins enables quicker production and lower labor costs.

At present, the static mechanical properties of the resin developed by Sinochem International have met customer requirements, and the products are now going through dynamic mechanical analysis. The Company plans to work with customers next year to carry out operational tests with full-size blades.

In addition, the new cycloolefin copolymers of Sinochem International for medical use, which can be applied to vaccine packaging, boasts good transparency and water vapour barrier properties. This can extend the shelf life of pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical solutions and ensure that the concentration of packaged pharmaceutical solutions is stable over a long period, realizing new uses in the medical packaging field that are not possible with traditional plastic materials.

Biodegradable Plastics

Although the widespread use of plastics has brought many conveniences to people, the damage to the environment caused by "white pollution" is also becoming increasingly serious. With the official implementation of the new plastic bags bans and the gradual promotion of special rectification work, the plastic industry is faced with the challenge of upgrading.

Sinochem International actively explores plastics recycling and delivers effective material solutions to reduce white pollution. Together with partners such as Tsinghua University and Bluepha, Sinochem International is promoting the R&D of biodegradable material PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) and the pilot test of microbial strain optimization and bio-fermentation extraction is underway.

PHA is one of the most popular degradable materials among the world's environmental groups. It is a fully biodegradable polymer produced by fermentation technology using microbial engineering bacteria with glucose and grease as substrates. This type of material degrades into CO2 and water on land and in the ocean, and plays a pivotal role in reducing the dependence on petro-based raw materials and reducing pollution from non-degradable plastics.

Sinochem International is planning to conduct scaled-up pilot test for data collection, sample testing and process optimization to further reduce PHA production costs and continue to improve performance.

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