Intrinsic Safety

Sinochem International has increased investments in intrinsic safety by focusing on risk management and control, improving the levels of safety management and control, while also improving employee safety and protection through occupational disease prevention, equipment updates, process optimization, on-site control, energy isolation, PPE usage, etc.

Work Safety

The company has formulated the "Management Measures for Safe Production" and other systems as well as worked to promote the implementation of the 24-factor HSE management system in order to ensure more robust safety production responsibility and enhanced hazard management and enhanced control and management of hidden hazards. All frontline employees are encouraged to participate in all aspects of work safety to contribute to a safer workplace.

Occupational Health

Sinochem International has formulated the "Occupational Health Management Measures" and worked continually to improve its occupational health and safety management system, strengthen its occupational health supervision, and strengthen management at the source. It has also continued to carry out occupational disease hazard identification and hazard management alongside various training and other special activities to eliminate potential occupational health hazards and improve the occupational health level and safety awareness of all employees.

The company has signed "Collective Labor Contract" with the trade union that addresses issues such as employee occupational health and safety protection. The HSE Committee, which comprises the chairman of the labor union, frontline employees and worker representatives, makes decisions on health and safety-related issues on behalf of all employees and works to ensure that our employees’ right to know and participate in decision-making are upheld.

The company has formulated and improved the "Emergency Plan for Production Safety Incidents" and "Emergency Plan for Health, Safety, and Environment-Related Incidents" as part of its efforts to establish an emergency management system, put in place various emergency equipment and facilities, set up an emergency expert database and a full-time emergency team, and conducted unscripted drills to test its emergency response capabilities, thus enhancing the emergency rescue and coordinated response capabilities of units at all levels during emergency situations.

Chemicals Management

Sinochem International has established a full-process monitoring system for the collection, storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal of hazardous chemicals in accordance with the "HSE Risk Management and Control Standards" for Hazardous Chemicals. Based on the "Hazardous Chemicals Procurement Management Evaluation Plan," the company also regularly conducts risk assessments with its hazardous chemical suppliers which cover core elements such as qualifications review and assessment, hazardous chemical transportation compliance, and hazardous chemical transportation management, etc. This ensures control and compliance when it comes to raw material procurement and the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

As the baseline safety standard continues to improve, at present, the company’s chemical management risks are largely in the area of third-party shipping. To effectively control related risks, the company has adopted a stringent third-party logistics supplier audit and access system, and also conducts regular re-evaluations to establish a high-standard logistics supplier team for greater safety in terms of chemicals transportation and storage.

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