Intrinsic Safety

Sinochem International continues to improve the working environment for employees, prevent occupational health and safety accidents, and improve the intrinsic safety of equipment and processes as well as the safety culture awareness of employees.

Making Comprehensive Progress in Work Safety

In 2019, Sinochem International continued to advance intrinsic safety via improved equipment integrity, planned overhauls, and leakage rectification projects. The focus was on hidden risk identification and rectification through analysis of processes, technologies, facilities, compliance, documents and systems, daily activities, operations, overhaul and maintenance, and supplier management. During this year, all hidden risks found were rectified, with process safety risks put under effective control. The company keeps strengthening visual management and promoting visual operation procedures.

Sinochem International routinely carries out unannounced inspections, daily inspections, comprehensive inspections, special inspections, holiday inspections, etc., analyzes the risks in work safety of subsidiaries, and takes preventative measures to carefully control safety risks.

Intrinsic Safety

The "Five Star Plant" mechanism, based on our experience in implementing the DuPont safety management over the years, is our best practice to enhance intrinsic safety. It integrates the HSE Management System with the principle of "felt leadership, direct lines of responsibility, localized management, and engagement of all employees". Through this, we help our employees devote themselves into HSE management voluntarily, thus ensuring full participation.

Intrinsic Safety

Sinochem International further implemented the "Five Star Plant" mechanism to ensure that the 24-element HSE system is closely in line with production and operations. We strengthen inter-company HSE communication and mutual assistance as well. In 2019, a total of 10 plants under Sinochem International were entitled "Five Star Plants".

Intrinsic Safety
Occupational Health and Safety

In 2019, Sinochem International fully sorted out hazard factors related to occupational diseases and optimized the management systems. We pay attention to vulnerabilities at key companies, analyzed physical examination data of employees, and eliminated potential occupational health risks to effectively prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases.

Intrinsic Safety Intrinsic Safety

In 2019, Sinochem International fully implemented the HSE scoring mechanism. Under this system, HSE training programs were provided, staff HSE performance assessment were strengthened, and DuPont safety managers were cultivated, thus further improving professional capacity of the company’s HSE management team.

Intrinsic Safety

Sinochem International carries out occupational skill contests and emergency drills on the theme of work safety and inspects emergency response procedures and teams every year. Those efforts have effectively lifted the emergency response capacity of the company and the emergency response disposal level of front-line employees.

KPIs in 2019:
● No occupational diseases or suspected occupational diseases occurred during the entire year
● All employees were found to be free from occupational diseases and have occupational health records; all necessary PPE were used properly
● 596 safety trainings; attendance totalled 62,590 ( all obtained full credit )
● 259 emergency drills with 18,632 participants

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