Adhering to the service principle of “Customer-centered”, Sinochem International continuously improves product quality, innovates service capability, strengthens communication with customers, upgrades product and service quality in accordance with customer opinions, and continuously improves customer satisfaction.

Sinochem International requires all manufacturing subsidiaries to set up SES (Sinochem fine chemical Excellence operation System), which helps enterprises to make continuous improvements in cost, safety, and quality by establishing a set of management standards and daily implementation norms. The implementation of SES is divided into three levels: basic deployment, bronze deployment, and silver deployment. Special counseling of “One Strategy for One Enterprise” is conducted based on the current situation and needs of different enterprises, and various SES tools are used to help achieve gradual improvement in production and operation management as well as comprehensive quality management.

Whole-process Quality Control

In order to promote product quality improvement, Sinochem International strengthens the whole-process quality control of products including clarifying customer needs and management standards, implementing process quality control, carrying out testing and analysis management, and establishing quality performance.

Active Compliance with Automotive Quality Management System IATF16949
The subordinate enterprises of Sinochem International, which have entered the supply chain of the automotive industry, actively comply with the standard of IATF16949 quality management system in the automotive industry, fully identify the customer-oriented processes and related supporting processes and management processes in accordance with the system management requirements, sort out the detailed activities and inputs and outputs of each process, formulate relevant mechanisms and systems for process activities, and fully focus on the whole process of value creation in serving customers. By the end of 2020, a total of 6 subordinate enterprises of Sinochem International have completed IATF16949 system certification.

Testing Laboratories Received CNAS Accreditation
Testing and analysis are important means for quality management. Laboratory accreditation can prove its technical ability to carry out testing according to the relevant international standards and fully demonstrate the testing capability and credibility of the laboratory. At present, the laboratory testing, analysis and management capabilities of some of Sinochem International’s manufacturing enterprises have reached international advanced level. By the end of 2020, a total of 4 laboratories of Sinochem International’s manufacturers have been accredited by CNAS.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Sinochem International has formulated rules and regulations related to customer satisfaction measurement and complaint handling management, establishes a sound comprehensive service system, provides services for customers in all aspects of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, sets up organizations for customer service and complaint acceptance, and solves customer problems in a timely manner. We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys, collect customers’ demands for products and services and propose and implement improvement measures.

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