Sinochem International has formulated regulations such as "Supplier Code of Conduct", "HSE Management Measures for Project Contractors" and "Labor and Employment Management Measures" that require all suppliers to sign the "Supplier Code of Conduct" and "Integrity Agreement". These regulations were established to prevent violations of laws and regulations and avoid commercial bribery.

The company observes sustainable development principles over the entire procurement and business process, incorporating environmental safety, labor and human rights, social responsibility and other relevant terms into the evaluation criteria. It also performs on-site CSR reviews of core suppliers, implements hierarchical management and assessments, and ensures the prompt removal of non-conforming suppliers. Meanwhile, the company has developed a sustainable supply chain training package to conduct sustainable procurement training for internal procurement employees and external suppliers, which will improve the sustainable development capabilities of suppliers and lead partners in building a sustainable supply chain.

KPI in 2021:

● Number of suppliers that signed the "Supplier Code of Conduct" 1,532,accounting for 70.96%
● Core suppliers that signed contracts with clauses on environment, labor, and human rights 60%
● Local sourcing procurement rate of suppliers 99%
● Social responsibility management training for core suppliers 46
● Procurement officers trained in sustainable procurement 73%



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