Sinochem International always regards employees as the most valuable asset of the company, attaches importance to the protection of employees’ rights and interests, and is committed to creating a diversified and equal working environment for employees, opening up career promotion channels, helping employees realize their self-worth, caring for their health and happiness, building harmonious labor relations, and creating a sustainable future together with the company.

Protecting Employees’ Rights and Interests

In strict accordance with the laws and regulations of China and other overseas operating regions, Sinochem International has established perfect human resources management systems and policies and laid down systems like Administrative Measures for Labor Contracts, and signed the Collective Labor Contract, the Special Contract for Protection of Female Employees’ Special Interests, and the Collective Salary Agreement with our labor union. It is also agreed that both parties shall have the right to propose an interim consultation meeting, to consult and amend the relevant provisions of the contract and annexes, and to adopt and file in accordance with the original process.

In 2020, the Company published the Labor and Human Rights Manual, spread it among all staffs, paid attention to employees’ expectations and demands, protected their rights and interests, devoted ourselves to creating a diversified and non-discriminatory working environment and a fair and just development platform for employees. The Company also sees human rights provisions as an integral part of key investment and acquisition agreements. In 2020, the total number of employees of Sinochem International reached 26,979.

Sinochem International has established the democratic management system in the basic form of Workers’ Congresses to ensure 100% staff participation. We take the major matters concerning the immediate interests of the staff as the key content of democratic management and safeguards the right to information, participation, expression and supervision of the staff. We attach importance to listening to the opinions of employees and open up employee communication channels and encourage employees to contribute to the development of the company by organizing regular employee communication meetings and campaigns including “employee satisfaction survey” and “suggestions for corporate development”.

Empowering Career Development

Sinochem International attaches importance to talent introduction and cultivation, continuously broadens the channels of selection and employment, attracts high-potential and diversified professionals, builds various talent exchange channels, and continuously improves the career development channels of employees to contribute to the sustainable development of business.

In terms of talent cultivation, in light of the situation and industrial characteristic of the company, Sinochem International has established a “horizontally level-based and vertically specialty-based” matrix training system to realize full-coverage, omni-directional and all-series effective training programs and courses from new employees to senior practitioners, from grassroots blue-collar workers to key positions in the Company, providing progressive recharging and empowerment for all employees.

Based on the corporate university “GROWTH Academy”, Sinochem International selects and forms internal lecturer team, cultivates a high-level faculty team and carries out in-depth cooperation with business schools of famous universities and training and consulting institutions to build a talent cultivation platform.

Employee Welfare and Care

Competitive remuneration and benefits are important factors for attracting and retaining talents. In compliance with the requirements of national and local laws and regulations, Sinochem International constantly upgrades the system and mechanism of salary management and welfare, revises the Administrative Measures on Salary and Welfare, Rules on Attendance Management, Administrative Measures on Leave Management and other system documents, improves the employee protection system including social insurance, provident fund, etc., provides employees with supplementary commercial insurance plans such as accidental injury and medical insurance, health check-up plans, paid leave plans, maternity/paternity leave, special protection policies for female employees, etc. to protect the legal rights and interests of employees.

Taking into account the market reality of the industry in which we operate, we established a market-oriented salary system based on position, ability and performance and distributes salaries in a fair, just and legal manner, while ensuring entry-level salaries are above local minimum wage. Through the implementation of innovation incentive fund and excess profit sharing award, the employees who make innovation or work hard have the opportunity to share the results of the company’s earnings. Through the implementation of the “Restricted Stock Incentive” plan, the interests of core employees are effectively tied to the development of the Company, so as to motivate employees to better assume their responsibilities, develop their abilities and deliver results.

Sinochem International organizes rich cultural and sports activities to enrich the spiritual life of employees, promote team building, and enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees. We do our best to help employees in need to overcome difficulties and bring to them warmth and care.

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