Innovative Cooperation

Besides paying attention to internal independent innovation, Sinochem International is active in cooperating with industrial partners. Academic work stations, joint labs, project cooperation, joint developments and other cooperative forms have been adopted to co-drive comprehensive, open innovation and accelerate the process.

Joining Forces with Industrial Partners to Innovate Development Models

In 2018, the Innovation Center and the American company Corning set up the Corning Qualified Advanced-Flow® Reactor Lab to further promote the technological development and upgrading of new products and processes in fine chemicals and new materials. In November of the same year, Sinochem International and DIC co-founded the Sinochem-DIC Phase-crossing Membrane Joint Laboratory to promote the research and development of high-performance membrane materials.

Establishment of Sennics "Environmentally- friendly Rubber and Plastic Additives Academician Workstation"
Sinochem-Corning Micro-reaction Laboratory jointly built by Sinochem International and Corning
Sinochem-DIC Transmembrane United Laboratory jointly built by Sinochem International and DIC
Sinochem-SRICI Composite Material Joint Laboratory jointly built by Sinochem International and Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry

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