Sustainability Strategies

Sinochem International raises sustainable development up to corporate strategic level. We are dedicated to integrating commercial practices and social values with optimized business models and product designs. To shape a sustainable future, we aim to promote balanced development of the economy, society and environment as a whole.

Corporate vision

Fine Chemistry, Green Life

Objective of sustainable development

To be a model of sustainable development for fine chemical industry

Action of sustainable development: FINE 2030 Action

In the title of the action, the "FINE" stands for both "Fine Chemistry" in English and "happiness" in Chinese, manifesting the original intention of "Chemistry for a Better Life" of Sinochem International. "FINE" is also the acronym of "Foundation", "Innovation", "Network" and "Environment", representing "solid foundation", "technological innovation", "partnership network", and "environment-friendly production" respectively. Sinochem International, following the principle of "In Science We Trust", functions as a catalyst in chemistry, utilizes its professional knowledge and advantage, releases the full potential of scientific and technological innovation, offers high-quality, green and healthy products and innovative solutions, and cooperates with stakeholders to seek sustainable ways to meet global challenges.

Sustainability Strategies

The “FINE 2030 Action”, based on Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 13: Climate Action in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations that are closely related to the company, contributes to realization of SDGs with innovation and responsibility taking.

Sustainability Strategies

Objective of “FINE 2030 Action”

Sustainability Strategies

Case: Launching the "FINE 2030 Action" Initiative

In June 2019, Sinochem International announced at the 14th Goldenbee Global CSR Forum to join in the “GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative”, and released the Sinochem International "FINE 2030 Action" Initiative. In the initiative, the company specified its goals and action plans, committed to contributing to China's sustainable development agenda, and the eventual achievement of SDGs.

Sustainability Strategies
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