Sustainability Management

Sinochem International continuously promotes construction of sustainability management systems, further incorporates sustainable developments into daily operation management, comprehensively upgrades sustainability management and practices, builds responsible brands in a planned and deployed way, and strives to build responsible competitiveness in line with sustainability.

ESG Management

Sinochem International’s Board of Directors attaches great importance to environmental, social, and corporate governance. The Board of Directors are responsible for drawing up sustainable development goals and plans, supervising the operation of the sustainable development system, conducting research and deliberation on improving the performance of the Company’s sustainable development, providing suggestions, and supervising the implementation; strengthening the Company’s decision-making supervision ability and managing employees’ misconduct to avoid controversial disciplinary violations.


Sustainable Management Action Map

Response to Sustainability Initiatives and Goals:

Sinochem International proactively responds to various sustainable initiatives of local governments, industrial and environmental protection organizations, and commits to contributing to sustainable development of society as a whole.

-  Responsible Care

-  ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development

-  United Nations Global Compact

-  Sustainable Development Goals

-  Catalan Climate Change Office

-  Operation Clean Sweep

*For each of the initiatives, subsidiaries are allowed to set commitment goals and create action plans.

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