Green Pesticides

In agricultural production, effectively controlling pest infestation, reducing pollution pesticides and improving quality of agricultural products are some of the important challenges that China faces in agriculture development.

As a leading enterprise offering agrochemical services nationally, Sinochem International is committed to developing efficient, low-toxicity and low-residue green pesticides. The company is taking a lead innovating agricultural science, contributing to the development of green agriculture in China and the world.

Green Pesticides
More Efficient Green Pesticides

In the process of pesticide R&D, Sinochem International is firmly implementing environmental indicators in the molecular design stage. We always consider the safety and environmental evaluations on new structural compounds, advocate ultra-high-efficient pesticides to greatly lower impact on the environment, and ensure that the dosage of pesticides is not beyond the regeneration capacity and self-repairing capability of nature.

Currently, Sinochem International runs three pesticide R&D platforms, located in Shenyang, Yangzhou and Shanghai, covering pesticide intermediates, original pesticide synthesis and preparation processing. We have applied for more than 500 patents at home and abroad, and have nine original pesticides with independent IP registered and sold. Many of our original green pesticides, after being industrialized, have generated positive economic, social and environmental benefits. They were applied to field of 100 mu (roughly 16 acres) over the past three years, creating RMB 20 billion in economic benefits in terms of production and income increase for agriculture or damage reduction.

Green Pesticides

Main Green Agrochemical Products and Solutions of Sinochem International

Green Pesticides

Case: Controlling fall armyworm to guard corn

Since invading China through Yunnan in January 2019, fall armyworms have quickly spread to 22 provinces and regions, causing serious damage to core producing areas. It's a top priority to get this situation under control as the insects can move quickly, adapt to various kinds of environment and are very fertile.

The green original pesticide 9080 (tetrachlorantraniliprole) developed by Sinochem is the first bisamide pesticide with independent IP in China. According to feedback from trial use, it's almost possible to kill all fall armyworms when signs of invasion begin to show in corn fields. Currently, 9080 (tetrachlorantraniliprole) has been included in the Recommended List of Pesticides for Emergency Prevention and Treatment of Spodoptera Frugiperda prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2019.

KPIs in 2019:
● Over 50 APIs
● Further progress in the registration process of five original drugs invented, field verification tests for 18 new compounds, and field plot experiments for six new compounds
● Pilot tests for five new products, and industrialization of five new product dosage forms
● Applied for 55 Chinese patents and six PCT patents

More Comprehensive Plant Protection Solutions

While developing green pesticides, Sinochem International is active in promoting "plant protection + nutrition" mode. We offer pesticide utilization solutions and technical supports from breeding to harvest, to better prevent crops from physiological diseases and lift their own stress resistance, helping farmers to plant in scientific ways. This leads to a reduction pesticide utilization, increase product quality and planting efficiency, promoting green agricultural development and quality agricultural product supply.

Since launching the new business mode in 2015, Sinochem Crop Care Co., Ltd. has been improving in planting technological service capacities. It has now mastered the comprehensive plant protection solutions for corn, rice, wheat, potato, peanut, citrus, apple, grape, tomato, cotton, etc.

Case: Creating standard demonstration fields and designing high-performance crop solutions

In 2019, Sinochem International selected the combination of high-efficient, low-toxicity, green agrochemical products and advanced plant nutrition products, as well as key target crops to make standard demonstration fields in important provinces, including experiments and demonstrations of pesticide products covering more than 3,000 mu (494 acres) of land, plant nutrition products covering more than 2,000 mu (330 acres) and seed coating agents covering more than 480 mu (80 acres). We promoted the advanced crop pest control philosophies and technologies from perspectives of output increase and quality improvement to help farmers increase output and improve product quality.

Green Pesticides

Case: Providing technological services for the clients in the field

In combination with the company's advantageous product portfolio, we provide technical services at the same time. For example, when working with corn seed companies, besides providing high-efficient and quality seed treating agents, we extend plant protection products to the seed production base of the client. We help them better prevent diseases, pests and weeds with our quality agrochemical product portfolios and field drug utilization technique instruction.

Green Pesticides
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