Intrinsic Safety

With risk control as the core, Sinochem International identifies and controls risks at source, uses the creation of Five Star Plants as a grip to promote the implementation of HSE improvement projects, continuous improvement of equipment and processes, continuous improvement of hardware and software, and significant enhancement of essential safety. At the same time, the company strengthens the safety infrastructure of employees, prevents occupational health and safety accidents and creates a culture of safety for all employees.

Work Safety

Giving equal importance to safe production and pandemic prevention, Sinochem International fully implements the deployment of work safety. It has innovated the "Cloud Supervision" and "Cloud Control" mode of online supervision, implemented the resumption of work and production during the epidemic, and took the lead in resuming normalized and all-round safety inspections. Through continuous annual review of the HSE system, the company has promoted system improvement and self-drive.

Occupational Health

We attach importance to the occupational health and safety of our employees, continuously optimize our occupational health and safety management system, strengthen occupational health supervision and eliminate potential occupational health risks. Through the organization of various activities and training, we continue to enhance the safety skills of our employees.

Sinochem International carries out diversified safety training, continues to implement HSE scoring mechanism training for all employees, sets up training matrices with practical and special needs, enriches training forms, and organizes special actions such as "Safety Production Month" and "100 Days Accident-free Safety Production" to continuously enhance the professional ability of the HSE management team and raise the HSE awareness of all employees.

HSE Training System of Sinochem International
The Company has built a diversified and practical HSE training system based on the actual needs of different positions. It covers a full range of HSE training networks including the company management, HSE personnel, HSE closely-related personnel, employees in key positions and general staff.

Sinochem International carries out systematic emergency response capability management work, and continues to increase the number of emergency equipment combing, emergency facilities completeness, the number of emergency management specialists and the number of full-time emergency response teams. We tested our emergency response capabilities by means of unscripted drills, testing the emergency management capabilities of units at all levels and the capabilities for integrated emergency response and collaborative operations under unexpected circumstances.

Chemical Management

According to the Hazardous Chemicals HSE Risk Control Standard, Sinochem International has established a whole process monitoring system for the collection, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

We comply strictly with the Plan of Assessing Management of Hazardous Chemical Procurement of Sinochem International and conduct regular risk assessments of hazardous chemical suppliers, covering core elements such as risk management commitment of enterprise leaders, management of employees' occupational safety and health and labour protection, enterprise training of employees' competence and safety awareness, qualification audit of hazardous chemical transporters, assessment of hazardous chemical transporters, hazardous chemical transportation compliance and hazardous chemical transportation management, to ensure the procurement and transportation of hazardous chemical raw materials are under control.

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