Environment Management

Sinochem International has formulated the "Measures for Environmental Protection" and "Management and Emergency Plan for Health, Safety and Environmental-Related Incidents" as part of its efforts to identify on all fronts the possible impact of the company’s activities and products on the environment in its fight against pollution. Taking "Creating a Green Factory" as its key starting point, the company has committed to the concept of environmental protection throughout the entire production cycle, promoting the use of green and clean production technology at the source, paying close attention to the implementation of clean production in the production process, and insisting on investing in advance in the area of end management for the sake of more targeted and effective environmental protection and so that it may help guide the green and low-carbon development of the chemicals industry.

KPI in 2021:
● Total investment in environmental protection 765million yuan
● Total energy saving investment 83.78million yuan
● Environmental pollution incidents 0
● Percentage of employees in subsidiary enterprises trained in environmental issues 100%
● Percentage of subsidiary production enterprises with environmental management certification 100%
● Percentage of subsidiary enterprisesconducting environmental riskassessments 100%

Pollution Prevention

Through design, high-quality construction, and high-stand operations as well as the formulation of various systems (such as the "Environmental Protection Management Measures", "Environmental Protection Responsibility System”, "Rules for Environmental Protection Responsibility Investigation and Management", and "Soil Pollution Risk Management Measures"), the company has worked to promote the deep development of pollution prevention and control and standardize its management of pollutant emissions. The company has also worked to enhance its operational management and maintenance of its environmental protection facilities, introduced new environmental protection technologies, and improved its end-to-end management capabilities to ensure that the discharge of waste water and waste gas from the company’s subsidiaries is far below the standard discharge limits and to prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution incidents.

Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction

The company has formulated the "Administrative Measures for Energy Conservation" and incorporated energy consumption into its management indicators with energy consumption analyzed on an annual basis. It has also continued to carry out energy savings assessment, energy audits, energy balance tests, equipment performance tests and other work as a way to finetune its energy consumption, and to promote resource recycling and greater energy efficiency through technological innovation, process transformation, and production management on all fronts.

Water Management

The company continues to promote good water management through regular compliance checks on water use as well as efforts to improve the water recycling rate and reduce water consumption through equipment renewal and process optimization. All the company’s water resources are derived from the municipal water supply, and neither water intake nor sewage discharge has had a significant impact on the water source.

Key water management measures

Environmental Advocacy

The company continues to develop green plants and upgrade its existing green facilities, and to promote green innovation along the entire production process from equipment and raw material procurement to packaging and production with the goal of building an efficient, clean, low-carbon, and circular green manufacturing system. We will continue to develop and improve our green production processes, make our production processes cleaner, and reduce waste and emissions as part of our contributions to the development of the circular economy.

The company attaches great importance to biodiversity and conservation, and has carried out EIAs and biodiversity impact studies in the project pre-feasibility study stage and plant site selection stage to fundamentally eliminate and reduce its impact on the ecosystem. All of the company’s plants and projects are located far away from biological reserves, and all production and manufacturing processes have no significant impact on the ecological environment.

Sinochem International continues to develop and improve our green production processes, make its production processes cleaner, and reduce waste and emissions as part of its contributions to the development of the circular economy. As an advocate of sustainable consumption, the company utilizes recyclable packaging materials, etc., for its product packaging; works to reduce resource and energy consumption for products and materials in storage, transportation, and other process links; has worked to establish a packaging recycling management system; realizes packaging recycling monitoring along its entire production process; and minimized packaging pollution.

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