Sinochem International is committed to extending its commitment to sustainable development to the entire value chain. While striving to improve its own sustainable procurement capability, Sinochem International pays attention to the sustainable development capability of suppliers and works with suppliers and partners upstream and downstream in the industrial chain to create a long-term stable situation of mutual trust and reliance and win-win cooperation in order to jointly build a more sustainable industrial chain.

Sinochem International has incorporated the principle of sustainability into the whole process of procurement business, including material certification, and the life-cycle management of supplier certification, selection, daily management, performance evaluation and withdrawal, and incorporates sustainable development into the performance assessment of suppliers.

In 2020, Sinochem International further refined the sustainability evaluation standards for suppliers based on the framework of the Sustainable Development Management Measures and Supplier Code of Conduct, international standards and practices of first-class enterprises at home and abroad, conducted graded management and evaluation for suppliers, promoted full participation and full process coverage of sustainable supply chain work, and continuously improved the overall sustainable management level.

For sustainability of suppliers, in addition to written commitments such as Supplier Code of Conduct and Integrity Agreement, the Company also conducted various forms of training on social responsibility management for suppliers, implemented assessments on suppliers including on-site audits from time to time, and provided support for suppliers’ sustainable development capabilities.


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