Sinochem International is highly concerned about protecting employees' rights and interests, adhering to equal employment and non-discriminatory employment, and creating a diverse and equal working environment for employees. The company is also committed to conducting training to improve sustainable development awareness and capabilities, ensuring the continued improvement of the talent training system, and helping employees realize their self-worth. Meanwhile, Sinochem International also cares for employees' physical and mental health while helping them balance work and life in order to foster a harmonious employeeemployer relationship. In 2021, Sinochem International had a workforce of 25,171 employees.

Employee Rights

The company strictly abides by the laws and regulations of China and the various overseas regions it operates in, having formulated the "Human Resources Management Regulations" and "Labor Contract Management Measures". Meanwhile, it has also published the "Labor and Human Rights Policy", which strictly prohibits the employment of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment, and human rights violations. We are committed to ensuring gender equality and wage equality, protecting the rights and interests of employees, and providing employees with a diverse, non-discriminatory, fair and just working environment.

The company and the trade union signed a "Collective Labor Contract", "Special Contract for the Protection of Special Interests of Female Employees" and "Collective Wage Agreement". It has been agreed that both parties reserve the right to propose ad-hoc consultation meetings to negotiate and revise the relevant clauses in the contract and annexes, which will be subsequently passed and filed based on the original process. The company also views human rights clauses as a significant factor in key investment acquisition agreements.

Sinochem International respects employees’legal rights of free association and collective bargaining, and does not object to employees participating in legal activities of local legally-registered trade unions based on the premise of non-compulsion and non-violation of local laws.

The company has established a democratic management system in the fundamental form of the employee representative meeting, whereby a 100% participation rate of employee representatives is ensured. Under the trade union, an employee welfare committee and a labor dispute committee have been established. Initiatives include focusing on the democratic management of major issues involving the key interests of employees, developing the trade union’s new media service platform ("Happiness Station"), regularly holding employee symposiums and executive luncheons, garnering over 20 opinions from employees and handling them effectively, and safeguarding the employees' rights to information, participation and supervision.

Talent Development

The company places emphasis on talent recruitment and talent training, encouraging the recruitment of college graduates, industrial workers and senior managers from local communities. It also continuously improves the talent promotion mechanism, ensures smooth career development channels, and builds various channels that are conducive to talent exchanges. Furthermore, the company also provides targeted training for employees at different career development stages to help employees tap and achieve their full potential.

According to its "horizontal × vertical" training structure, the company implements various key projects and training series on topics such as management talents, research, production and marketing, project management, and general skills. To enhance the training content of the previous years, new training modules in cultural education and ideological education have been introduced to provide a wider scope of training.

The company has established a multi-incentive mechanism covering short-term, medium-term and long-term durations, having implemented incentive measures such as equity incentives, executive stock holdings, risk guarantees for major projects, and job dividends in technology companies. These measures, which directly and intricately link employee incentives with their responsibilities, abilities and contributions, effectively drive employees to develop themselves and boost their enthusiasm to perform.

Welfare and Care

The company has formulated "Remuneration and Welfare Management Measures" and "Leave Management Measures". While ensuring that the starting salary level is not lower than the local minimum wage standard, the company established a compensation management mechanism that fully reflects job value and employee performance. It also makes full payments for employee social security and provident funds while continuing to improve the employee welfare system. The company also provides accidental injury, medical insurance and other supplementary commercial insurance plans, health checkup plans, paid annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, parental leave, special protection for female employees, and housing subsidies for talents. These welfare policies effectively support the health and lives of their employees and their family members.

The company organizes a wide range of cultural and sports activities to enhance the mental state of employees, promote team building, and improve employees' sense of belonging and unity. Meanwhile, we endeavor to help employees in difficult situations, carry out practical projects to improve livelihoods, implement "care-based initiatives throughout four seasons" and extend festival greetings in order to demonstrate warmth and care to employees and retired employees.

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