Following the "From the Community, For the Community" philosophy, Sinochem International works hard to create a harmonious relationship for mutual benefits with our communities. We contribute to harmonious development of communities through our expertise, resource advantages, and employee engagement in community activities.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

To help alleviate poverty, Sinochem International combines pairing assistance with win-win cooperation based on multi-party participation under government leadership. We follow relevant national policies and have achieved fruitful results in all poverty alleviation tasks deployed by Sinochem Group.

In 2019, we incorporated poverty alleviation into the priority actions of Party committees at all levels and laid down a long-effect work mechanism. Leveraging technological and industrial advantages of the company, we carried on pairing assistance and kept supporting those in need.

Driving Community Development

We encourage our employees to utilize their professional skills and enterprise resource advantages to dive into local communities to provide professional assistance to the elderly and students in need and for environmental protection. We are paying society back with our practical actions.

Case: Protecting crops against typhoon

In August 2019, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province was hit by a typhoon, causing serious damage to local farming. After the typhoon passed over, Sinochem Crop Care wasted no time in raising funds and rescue materials as well as sending several professional rescue teams to places hit by the disaster. Together with local government and experts, they instructed farmers on how to clean up their farmlands and helped them minimize their losses and brave the difficulties.


Distributing agrichemicals to disaster affected farmers

Case: Sponsoring Ecological Marathon to boost local sporting culture

On October 19, the 2019 "Sinochem International Cup" Xiangshan Ecological Marathon was held in Xiangshan, Ningbo Province. Led by Liu Hongsheng, General Manager of Sinochem International and head of Sinochem Running Team, over 100 employees gathered together to put the corporate vision "Fine Chemistry, Green Life" into practice through passionate running. The event promoted communication between the company and local communities as well as boosted the sporting culture of Xiangshan.


Sinochem Running Team joined the Marathon

Community engagement for public welfare and social work


Free agricultural skills training for farmers


"Care for the Elderly" activities


Funding local students to study agriculture in college by Sinochem Crop Protection (Phil.)


Voluntary service for students taking the National College Entrance Exam

KPIs in 2019:
●  RMB 1.86 million in donation
●  RMB 256,000 invested in education fund
●  10 voluntary activities

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