Following the philosophy of “From the Community, For the Community”, Sinochem International, by virtue of its business and resource advantages, continues to help the development of impoverished areas and effectively improve the medical, educational, environmental and cultural construction of local residents through various forms of public welfare activities.

Implementing Targeted Poverty Alleviation

According to the basic strategy and guiding principle of national targeted poverty alleviation and eradication, Sinochem International fully implements the deployments of poverty alleviation, incorporates poverty eradication into work priorities, builds a multi-level three-dimensional assistance mechanism and carries out targeted poverty alleviation work with high quality by means of consumption-oriented assistance, technology-based poverty alleviation and education-oriented poverty alleviation.

Driving Community Development

Sinochem International pays close attention to the problems encountered in community development, actively responds to community expectations, brings into play its own advantages, gathers employees to offer assistance and dives into local communities to provide professional assistance to the elderly and students in need and for environmental protection and cultural and sports activities to build a harmonious and beautiful community.

Supporting the Development of Culture and Sports in Business Locations

On November 22, 2020, “Sinochem Membrane Industry Cup” 2020 Xiangshan Damuwan Half Marathon kicked off. This was the second time for Sinochem International to sponsor the marathon in Xiangshan, Ningbo to promote the communication between the Company and the surrounding communities in the industrial investment area and contribute to the development of cultural and sports undertakings in Xiangshan.

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