Sinochem International adheres to the public welfare concept of "from society we come, the society we serve". By maximizing its professional expertise and resource advantages, the company actively carries out activities such as rural revitalization and community care programs, which have yielded results in promoting positive interactions between the company and society while building a harmonious society.

Rural Revitalization

Sinochem International subscribes to the idea of integrating government leadership and multi-party participation in implementing the fundamental strategies and goals of China’s poverty alleviation and rural revitalization efforts. To this end, it has deployed various entities under Sinochem Holdings to actively render consumer assistance, industrial assistance and student donations. It is hoped that these measures will establish a strong link between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies while laying the foundation for further rural revitalization efforts.

Community Development

Sinochem International actively participates in community building by continuously performing volunteer services and community communication initiatives while actively participating in social public welfare efforts. Through practical actions that effectively improve the level of medical care, education, environment, and cultural acumen of local residents, the company hopes to build a sharing and harmonious society together.

KPI in 2021:
● Helped to sell of agricultural products from poverty-stricken areas 24,000kg
● Sales amounted to 2.16million yuan
● Donation 1.309million yuan
● Volunteer activities 48
● Beneficiaries of public welfare activities 879
● Participating employees 2,429
● Volunteer service hours 14,874




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