Hainan Sinochem Rubber Signs a Supply Agreement with Michelin

After several laboratory tests and manufacturing technique and facility reforms, the TSR10CV under the independent development of Hainan Sinochem Rubber Co., Ltd has officially passed the authentication of Michelin Singapore. On Apr. 30, the parties signed the cooperation agreement on long-term volume production of the products.
In July of last year, the Michelin technical team conducted an inspection at the site of Hainan Sinochem Rubber and took samples of TSR10CV back to Michelin Singapore for testing. This January and March, Michelin sent technicians again to inspect the production facility, techniques of the company, giving recommendations for improvement on product data. Hainan Sinochem Rubber coordinated actively and produced some new TSR10CV samples in short time. According to the inspection results of the new samples given by the research institute at Michelin France headquarters, all project indicators met the requirements of Michelin on high-end tire materials.

The TSR10CV under independent development of Hainan Sinochem Rubber features enhanced stability of Mooney point and non-variation with time during the process of product transportation and storage. It reduces rubber mixing time and processing volatility and is mainly used in high-end tire and precision rubber products.

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