Sinochem Internatioanl Sets up Wholly-owned Subsidiary in India


On Sep 3, Sinochem India Co. was established in New Deli, marking a huge step forward achieved by Sinochem's oversea agricultural chemical project and laying a sound basis for the company to fully carry out its agricultural chemical strategy outside China.

Agricultural chemical is a core business sector of Sinochem International. After taking over Monsanto Company's butachlor and alachlor businesses in India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Taiwan (China) on March 1, 2008, the preparation for the construction of Sinochem India Co. was officially initiated.

Up to September 1, Sinochem India has completely taken over Monsantos butachlor and alachlor businesses in India and started to try to introducing new types of agricultural chemicals from China to India.The management of Sinochem India will coordinate with Sinochem International's Jiangshan project and the management in the other five markets, forming a complete value chain of agricultural chemicals in order to help Sino Int'l become a competitive player in Asia and the rest of the world, and to realize its long-term development strategy.

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