Sinochem International Releases First Corporation Social Responsibility Report


Sinochem International Corporation has published its first Corporation Social Responsibility Report, which gave a detailed account of the corporation's efforts and achievements in corporate governance, business obligation and social responsibility since the establishment of the Corporation.

As a public company held by Sinochem Group, in order to further strengthen Sinochem International Corporation's sense of corporate liability, the Board of Directors of the Corporation specially engaged domestic experts to carry out training and guidance on "Corporate social liability" for all directors and senior executives of Sinochem International Corporation, and for the first time explicitly proposed to release annual corporate liability report to the public. This measure not only meets the need for guiding all staff members to push forward and implement the strategies of creating harmonious internal enterprise surroundings and sustainable development for relevant business elements during the company's development process, but also addresses the needs for the corporation to make self-improvement to enhance corporate social conduct standardization and transparency so as to receive social supervision. Based on operation results on corporate governance, business responsibility, and social liability for the past years, Sinochem International Corporation will make explorations to align its operation standards in relevant field with prevailing international practices, make constant progress, pursue excellence, integrate itself with the development of the Chinese society so as to keep pace with the time in an all-around manner, and make efforts to contribute to the cause of realizing complete social harmony and sustained development.

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