Sinochem International Renamed


In September 2004, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,  Sinochem International Trade Co. Ltd. changed its name to Sinochem International Corporation while still abbreviated as "Sinochem International" .

Since its establishment, Sinochem International has been optimizing corporate governance and promoting a market-oriented strategy in order to strengthen its core competitiveness and to improve its sustainable development. During the three years after being relocated to Shanghai, the company has witnessed continuous improvement of business performance and managerial level. In 2003, the sales revenue of the company exceeded 10 billion RMB and net profit totaled 260 million RMB, hitting historical highs. For the first half of this year, the company realized a sales of 5.5 billion and a net profit of 580 million. The growth rate of return of each stock ranked the 8th in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market while the net ROA ranked the 4th, and the social trustworthiness ranked the 7th. It was estimated that the profits of this year would reach a record-high again. By the middle of 2004, added value made by the company for shareholders has exceeded 700%. From Jan. to Aug., the contribution of the company to the investment value increase of original shareholders has exceeded 700%. From January to August, the increase margin of the company stocks ranked No.9 in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In addition, Sinochem International has got in the list of Fortune Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies in row and was incorporated into the 180 index of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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