Chairman Frank Ning Visits the Sinochem International Enterprises in Thailand


On February 20 and 22, Sinochem Group Chairman Mr. Frank Ning paid respective visits to Bangkok and Surat Thani in Thailand and investigated the Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand) and TBH company, subordinates of Sinochem International. He has learned about the development of the enterprises on site and extended his regards to Chinese and foreign staff. Vice President of Sinochem Group, Chairman of Sinochem International Feng Zhibin and General Manager of Sinochem International Liu Hongsheng accompanied this inspection.

On February 20th, Mr. Frank Ning and his entourage arrived at Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand) and listened to the relevant reports on the status quo and development strategy of pesticide business in Southeast Asia. Mr. Frank Ning inquired in detail about the needs and suggestions of the Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand) team from the headquarters, gave full affirmation to the perseverance and efforts of the workers at the production line over the years and expressed gratitude to everyone’s hard work of sparing no effort to open up overseas markets. Mr. Frank Ning said that Sinochem will step up efforts on research and development to further enrich the product types, improve product quality and provide strong guarantee for the development of the overseas market. He encouraged the team of Sinochem Farm Care (Thailand) to engage benchmarking with international first-class companies, gain all-round understanding of competitors as well as in-depth study of the market situation in order to know ourselves as well as our rivals.

On February 22, Mr. Frank Ning and his companions visited the rubber processing plant and conducted research on its operation including raw material acquisition and cost control in TBH Company. He stressed that we need to make targeted and flexible trading strategies based on raw materials procurement and product sales while closely following the market in order to hedge the market risk. Mr. Frank Ning also listened to the report by the responsible person of Halcyon Group on the operation condition and development strategies since the integration of Sinochem International, GMG and Halcyon Group. Mr. Frank Ning expressed his satisfaction with the results of the integration of the three companies, encouraged the rubber business team to explore new business models continuously to enlarge the layout of the companies in the value chain of the rubber industry, and further improve the overall competitiveness.

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