Qin Hengde Visits World Famous Tire Manufacturer Michelin in France


From October 17 to October 18, Qin Hengde, General Manager of Sinochem International, led a delegation to visit Michelin Headquarters located in Clermont-Ferrand in France, and met with Mr. Luc Minguet, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Michelin Group, along with other senior executives of Michelin; both sides conducted in-depth communication on topics including jointly promoting strategic cooperation in natural rubber and rubber chemical fields, practicing corporate social responsibility, promoting green sustainable development in global rubber industry, and developed extensive consensus. Both sides also exchanged views on focal issues including China’s economic development, situation of the tire industry in 2016, global deployment and M&A of Chinese enterprises. Robert Meyer, CEO of Singapore Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited, and Su Fu, CEO of Sinorgchem, and other related personnel accompanied the visit.

During the talks, Robert Meyer, CEO of Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited, introduced the latest progress in Sinochem International’s natural rubber strategy, and the new Halcyon Agri Corporation’s overall business conditions and development plan to the Michelin side, he offered detailed explanations on key directions of future cooperation with Michelin, Su Fu, CEO of Sinorgchem, introduced Sinorgchem’s efforts in promoting planning of rubber chemical new products, enhancing service ability, and guiding industry development progress in the recent years. The Michelin side indicated that China is a very important market for Michelin, Sinochem International is Michelin’s key cooperation partner, this time’s interview further deepened mutual understanding, it is hoped in the future both sides can propel all-round partnership under the guidance of common concept for sustainable development.

During the visit to Clermont-Ferrand, General Manager Qin Hengde also attended the Michelin Annual Global Procurement Conference in response to invitation, and delivered speech in English as the only supplier representative, during which he systematically introduced Sinochem International’s development strategy of natural rubber and rubber chemical industry, green development concept, along with its firm determination to perform social responsibility to over 250 Michelin senior purchase personnel from countries and regions worldwide; he expounded Sinochem International’s commitment to sustainable development and detailed practice in the progress of its global deployment in the rubber industry, as well as strategic measures to address new challenges in the development of global tire industry.

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