Sinochem International Certified by EcoVadis CSR


Sinochem International announced that it has obtained a bronze certificate in the three-month EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) evaluation by the authoritative agency EcoVadis, with the total score ranking among the top 30% in the industry. The certification proves Sinochem International's efforts and performance in CSR management, which will be recognized by all the member companies of TfS (Together for Sustainability).

Wang Jun, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International, said, "It is a great honor that our efforts in sustainable development could be recognized by a third-party authority. The EcoVadis CSR appraisal will be a new starting point for Sinochem International to strive for enhanced sustainable development management. Regarding the review results, the company will further improve its capabilities of fulfilling social responsibilities and maintain a good working environment internally and a sound business environment externally. We will stick to low-carbon and environmental operations, keep developing new energy-saving and environmental products, and achieve our vision 'Fine Chemistry Green Life’."

Currently, more and more leading companies and purchasing organizations are introducing sustainability into supply chain management. Through communication, cooperation, and other mechanisms with upstream and downstream enterprises, the enterprises along the supply chain are allowed to strategically and systematically coordinate economic benefits, environmental protection, and social responsibility. Such efforts are expected to reduce the risk of partnership, protect companies’ brand and reputation, and create more value for business and society.

In March 2019, Sinochem International officially initiated the EcoVadis CSR certification. Besides the CSR documents and data provided by Sinochem International, EcoVadis also referred to the information from public channels such as government, international organizations, trade unions, CSR networks, NGOs, and professional media, and then carried out a comprehensive evaluation. Finally, the company was granted a bronze certificate, with the total score ranking among the top 30% of the industry.

The certificate will be recognized by all the members of TfS (Together for Sustainability), a joint initiative of multinational chemical companies, founded in 2011. The objective is to develop and implement a global supplier engagement program that regulates the sustainable supply chain standards in the chemical industry and continuously enhances its sustainability on a global scale. EcoVadis is designated by TfS as its third-party accrediting agency to evaluate the sustainability performance of the member companies.

As a leader in the fine chemical industry, Sinochem International has been advancing the development of CSR in the company for years, including the signing of the Responsible Care® Global Charter and related global responsible care compacts, the regular release of CSR reports in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines on a regular basis, and the development and implementation of a range of policies and initiatives on environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement. Sinochem International's performance in CSR has also been acknowledged by EcoVadis in the assessment.

EcoVadis is a globally recognized authority that conducts professional CSR performance assessments for companies and organizations around the world. As a collaborative platform, it also helps businesses assess and audit the environmental and social performance of their global suppliers. The agency has originated an appraisal methodology that covers 190 procurement categories, 150 countries, and 21 CSR criteria. Under the methodology, it analyzes and assesses CSR across four categories, namely environment, labor practices and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement, and suggestions for improvement, which will allow companies to enhance their credibility and competitiveness in the international market. Over 45,000 companies worldwide are now applying EcoVadis to their CSR assessment.

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