Chairman Frank Ning Visits Sinochem Australia and Inspects Local Agrochemical Market


On November 18-20, Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group, and Yang Shihao, Vice President of Sinochem Group, traveled to Melbourne, Australia to inspect Sinochem International Australia Pty. Ltd (Sinochem Australia) and the local market for agrochemical business.

Frank Ning listened to the work report delivered by Sinochem Australia and talked with persons responsible for Syngenta Australia and Adama Australia. Frank Ning acknowledged that Sinochem Australia has laid a sound operation foundation in the Australian agrochemical market and put forward requirements for its future development. He noted that agrochemical business is one of the core strategic businesses of Sinochem Group. Given the opportunities and challenges brought about by industrial restructuring and competition, the agrochemical business team should tap into both internal and external resources for coordination and cooperation, identify its market positioning, and capture potential channel reconstruction opportunities as a result of industry changes. By taking the initiative to explore new business models, Sinochem Australia will grow itself into a first-class agrochemical company.


During his stay in Australia, Frank Ning also visited the Stoughton Valley Farm in Victoria and had extensive talks with industry professionals regarding the operation and management model of Australian farms, the management over barley and rape planting, and the developments of agricultural technology and industry

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