Sinochem International Signs Tripartite Agreement on Biodegradable Materials


On October 28, Sinochem International entered into strategic cooperation agreements with Tsinghua University (TSU) Center for Synthetic & Systems Biology and Bluepha Co., Ltd. at TSU in Beijing. The three parties will work together to promote the industrialization of the bio-based degradable material PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoate), allowing Sinochem International to show presence in the sector of bio-based degradable materials and contribute to the control of plastic pollution in China.


 (Signing Ceremony)

Zhang Xiaolei, General Manager of Lightweight Materials BU at Sinochem International, said, “Green plastics has long been a segment of concern to Sinochem International. As a centrally owned company in Chinese chemical industry, we are obliged to resolve plastic pollution, practice recycling, and offer high-performance solutions to alleviating white pollution and protecting green hills and clear waters."

Subject to the agreements, Sinochem International and the TSU Center for Synthetic & Systems Biology will put efforts together around talent training and application technology development. Regarding the industrialization of PHAs and the development of downstream markets, Sinochem International and Bluepha intend to reach an equity partnership. Under the partnership and leveraging the technologies and sales networks of both sides, they will build the world's largest PHA production line and promote the extensive application of PHAs in China.

PHAs are a 100% biodegradable polymer produced through the microbial fermentation of glucose, grease, and other microorganisms. It can degrade into CO2 and water both on land and in oceans, thus playing a pivotal role in reducing the dependence on petroleum-based materials and the pollution of non-degradable plastics, especially in seas.


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