"Sinochem Cup" Marathon Kicks off, Sinochem’s Largest Fine Chemical Industry Park Runs into Lianyungang


On the morning of October 29, the 2017 "Sinochem Cup" Lianyungang·Xuwei International Marathon kicked off in the Xuwei New Area of Lianyungang. As the title sponsor of the event, the chemical giant Sinochem International organized a "Sinochem running team" of up to 50 members to participate in the marathon. Led by Chairman Feng Zhibin and General Manager Liu Hongsheng, the team put the corporate vision "Fine Chemistry, Green Life" into practice through active and healthy green running.

 (Lianyungang·Xuwei International Marathon Scene)

On the day before the marathon, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sinochem Fine Chemicals Circular Economy Industrial Park Phase I took place at the Petrochemical Industrial Base of Xuwei New Area, Lianyungang. The project represents a planned investment of RMB 30 billion and a total area of 2760.3 mu.

 (Feng Zhibin, President of Sinochem's Chemicals SBU and Wang Jiapei, Executive Deputy Mayor of Lianyungang Municipal Government, lighted the crystal ball to launch the project)

Feng Zhibin, President of Sinochem's Chemicals SBU, said at the ceremony: "The Sinochem Fine Chemicals Circular Economy Industrial Park in Lianyungang will be constructed and operated in line with high starting points, high standards and strict requirements. Aligning with the planning and resources of Xuwei New Area, we will further increase investment in fine chemicals, high-end specialty chemicals and high-performance materials, continue to drive the development of Sinochem fine chemical industry cluster, and make due contributions to regional economic growth and prosperity."

After that, Sinochem International's subsidiaries Sennics and Jiangsu Ruizhaoke Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. respectively signed agreements with the Lianyungang government and officially settled in the park, indicating that the Sinochem Fine Chemicals Circular Economy Industrial Park has come into the stage of construction.

Following the strategy of long-term development and after comprehensive comparison and selection, this March, Sinochem International decided to build the Sinochem Fine Chemicals Circular Economy Industrial Park at the Petrochemical Industrial Base of Xuwei New Area, Lianyungang for its location advantages. With a total planned area of 2760.3 mu, the Park plans to, by introducing leading international strategic investment partners, focus on three categories: fine chemicals, high-end specialty chemicals, and high-end performance materials and five series of products – downstream fine chemicals of arene, lithium battery electrolytes and solvents, IC-grade electronic chemicals, high-performance new materials & intermediates and green rubber additives. In the future, it is expected to become a core fine chemicals industrial cluster of Sinochem featuring an integrated industrial chain of chlorine chemicals, rubber and plastics additives and electronic chemicals. It will also be the undertaker of major strategic projects of Sinochem Group and Sinochem International.


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