Sinochem International Acquires Halcyon to Build World Largest Natural Rubber Industry Platform


On March 28 at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Sinochem International Corporation (Sinochem International) held a signing ceremony for its acquisition of Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited (Halcyon), a listed company in Singapore. Upon the acquisition, Sinochem International will integrate its natural rubber resources to build the largest natural rubber industry platform in the world.

As natural rubber is a strategic development direction of Sinochem International, since 2003, the company has been consistently extending its industrial chain in line with the strategy of “from China to overseas, from processing to planting”. So far it has completed the global layout in the sector and occupied a leading position as one of the top three natural rubber suppliers in the world.

Halcyon is a benchmark processor of natural rubber with high-quality resources in Indonesia.

After acquiring Halcyon, Sinochem International plans to integrate it with its existing GMG and other natural rubber assets and businesses to create the world's largest natural rubber industry platform; and apply the best practices of both sides to planting, processing, marketing, R&D and management, for higher quality, lower costs, as well as improved efficiency and sustainability. In this way, it expects to improve its service for and influence over core tire customers, gain voice in the market, and maximize value for shareholders.

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