SINOCHEM’s Proposal to Suppliers: Work Together to Fight Against Coronavirus


The "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network", an organization founded by the Chemical Division of SINOCHEM Group, launched a proposal for joint efforts against Coronavirus on February 11. The proposal calls on all supply chain partners to together help combat coronavirus outbreak and to implement social responsibility.

The proposal stated that the epidemic outbreak is both a major test for the country, society and enterprises and a great opportunity for market reform and supply chain management upgrades. Partners along the supply chain must implement rigorous epidemic control measures and help maintain economic and social order. We need to strengthen coordination along the industrial chain, maintain product quality, ensure product supply, stabilize product prices, accelerate product circulation and restore market prosperity. We need to resume production and ensure supplies to alleviate resources shortages in the epidemic-stricken areas in a timely manner. We need to actively carry out diverse public welfare activities and combine sustainable development and social responsibility in an exemplary manner. 

The "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network" initiative was jointly founded by SINOCHEM's Chemical Division and Sinotrans Eastern China Co., LTD on October 16, 2019. It calls for upstream and downstream enterprises in the chemical industry to improve sustainability practices, develop a sustainable supply chain, and build a global partnership network integrating sustainable production, logistics, services and innovation.

This is the first sustainable network in the Chinese chemical industry. More than 20 key global partners, including Sinopec, Petrochina, Wanhua Chemical Group, Honeywell and Shenhua, have joined the initiative, stating that they will abide by the code of business conduct, adhere to legal and compliant operations and continue to implement sustainable development.

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