Sinochem International Unveils Six Sustainability Policies


Sinochem International (600500.SH) released six sustainability policies today, to improve management rules and governance mechanisms for the company's sustainable development system.

The six sustainability policies, which are based on the company's vision and mission, policies, management scope, and specific initiatives, tend to cover health, environment, and safety (HSE), energy management and climate change, water stewardship, labor and human rights, anti-corruption, and anti-monopoly.

These policies reflect Sinochem International's position and code of conduct on key sustainability issues in a bid to better respond to the concerns of stakeholders, and demonstrate the company's determination and capabilities to further strengthen ESG governance and promote sustainable development.

Since the beginning of this year, Sinochem International has continued to improve the management of its sustainability system. It has set up the Sustainable Development Committee under the Board of Directors and improved information disclosure.

Furthermore, the company also focused on external benchmarking and internal research to form an annual action plan to assess and bolster sustainability initiatives, improve the corporate governance structure, and strive to build responsible competitiveness that matches the company's sustainability vision.

For the details of Sinochem International's six sustainability policies, please visit  www.sinochemintl.com/17023.html


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