Sinochem International Carbon Emission Down by 6.73% in 2019


Sinochem International reduced CO2 emission by 6.73% per ton of products in 2019.

In 2019, Sinochem International strengthened energy management and increased investment in energy substitution & optimization, cascade utilization and production process optimization. A number of its plants have made innovative improvements and adopted various measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

For example, Sennics Shandong, with the advantage of local natural gas pipelines, initiated the “coal-to-gas” boiler upgrading project to use natural gas as a cleaner energy alternative. It is estimated that the annual carbon emissions reduction will be 17,600 tons, and the amount of coal consumption and the emissions of major pollutants such as soot, SO2 and NOX will be effectively reduced at the same time.

In addition, the Plant also implemented the energy-saving renovation for water pump of the cooling tower in 2019, and renovated 5 water pumps and 4 fans throughout the year. The renovation reduces the equipment power, saving 189,000 KWh per month, 2,268,000 KWh per year, reducing 774 tons carbon emissions annually.

Sinochem International released the “FINE 2030” Sustainable Development Action Goal for 2030 in 2019, setting “continuous carbon dioxide emission reduction per ton of products on the basis of 2018” as one of the four goals. This year, it will continue to carry out energy conservation assessment, energy audit and other work to subject energy consumption indicators to delicacy management, and steadily carry out energy and water conservation technology renovation projects to ensure fulfillment of the annual energy conservation goals.


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