Sinochem International wraps up major asset restructuring


On July 13, Sinochem International issued a statement announcing the completion of the major asset restructuring.

According to the announcement, Sinochem International paid 7.597 billion yuan in cash to purchase 39.88% of the shares of Yangnong Group held by Syngenta Group. At the same time, Yangnong Group sold 36.17% shares of Yangnong Chemical to Syngenta Group for 10.222 billion yuan. As of the announcement date, the major asset restructuring of Sinochem International has been completed.

After the transaction wrapped up, Sinochem International will hold a total of 79.88% of the shares of Yangnong Group. Yangnong Group will no longer directly hold the shares of Yangnong Chemical. Sinochem International will increase its shareholding in high-quality assets of new chemical materials and key chemical intermediates, thus further focusing on new chemical materials and other fine chemicals.

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