Sinochem Sennics’ S-TMQ project completed and put into production


On January 10, Sinochem International's high-end antioxidant S-TMQ project was officially completed and put into production in Shandong province, a move consolidating its leading position in the polymer additives segment and guiding the green transformation and upgrading of the fine chemical industry.

Sinochem International's polymer additives business is operated by its subsidiary Sennics Co Ltd. The high-end antioxidant S-TMQ project, located in the largest production base of Sennics in Shandong, is estimated to have an annual output of 20,000 tons.

Liu Hongsheng, general manager of Sinochem International, said: "The completion of the project will help Sinochem International upgrade its own industrial chain, while paving the way for an advanced industrial chain and an original technology ecosystem in China's fine chemical industry."

An antioxidant with excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative ageing in the rubber industry, S-TMQ is widely used in tires and other rubber products to significantly improve product quality and lengthen life cycle. The polymer additives business is one of Sinochem International's core business pillars.

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