Sinochem International awarded Model Petrochemical Enterprise of Innovation in Business Management


Sinochem International has won the first prize in the 14th National Awards on Petrochemical Enterprise Management and Innovation with its project “Red Ribbon in Sinochem: A Practice of Safety Management Special Activities.”

The company was also awarded as a model enterprise in safety management for its implementation of the “Red Ribbon” practice, becoming one of the three awardees to receive the accolade that was set for the first time.

Fang Guoyu, general manager assistant of Sinochem International and head of the HSE department, said that the company would see this award as a new opportunity and impetus to continue creating a safe working environment.

To achieve safe production and environmental protection, the company strives to institutionalize the “Red Ribbon” practice by motivating employees to raise safety awareness and responsibility, and providing more training in screening and identifying workplace hazards.  

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