Frank NingVisits Subsidiaries of Sinochem International in Singapore


In the afternoon of September 19, Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Group, visited Sinochem International’s subsidiaries in Singapore to inspect work progress. Zhong Ren, Assistant President of Sinochem Group, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Group’s Board of Directors, Li Dajun, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International and Chairman of Sinochem International (Overseas) Pte, Ltd (“Sinochem International Overseas”), and Li Xuetao, Director and General Manager of GMG, accompanied the visit.

The Delegation led by Chairman Ning first came to the display zone of Sinochem International Overseas, learned about the company’s main businesses and construction of its staff team, subsequently listened to work reports respectively from Sinochem International Overseas and GMG, and learned about details on the integration progress of natural rubber business. Afterwards, Chairman Ning inspected the office zone, and extensively exchanged views with staff members.

Chairman Ning fully acknowledged the development of Sinochem International in Singapore in recent years, and expressed consolation and appreciation for diligent contributions made by overseas employees. Chairman Ning wished all employees to make persistent efforts, carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of hard struggle, and strive to scale new heights.

After inspecting Sinochem International Overseas and GMG, Chairman Ning took no rest and immediately went to Halcyon Agri Corporation, a company now in the process of merger by Sinochem International, for inspection; he talked with Mr Robert Gunther Meyer, Executive Chairman and CEO of Halcyon Agri, and exchanged views with the management team of Halcyon Agri.

This time’s inspection tour marks the first-time inspection of Sinochem Group’s overseas enterprises by Chairman Ning since he assumed office, during which he received warm welcome from overseas employees.

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