Liu Hongsheng Visits the Head Office of Monsanto in St. Louis, US


From April 3rd to April 4th (local time), Liu Hongsheng, president of SINOCHEM International, paid a visit to Monsanto Company in St. Louis, USA, accompanied by Chen Xiaoxi, vice president of SINOCHEM International, Chen Baoshu, CTO of SINOCHEM International, Bi Dongdong and Wei Hanhan from SINOCHEM International Crop Care, and Dong Zhaoyun et al., from Yangnong Chemical.

During the visit, Liu Hongsheng and his delegate paid a visit to the R&D base of Monsanto in Chesterfield and had conversations with Mike Frank, global vice president of Monsanto, Juan Ferreira, global vice president of Monsanto, Jesus Madrazo, vice president of global commerce and supply chain of Monsanto, Chris Turner, director of global crop protection of Monsanto, and main project leaders of Monsanto’s supply chain team respectively.

Monsanto expressed a warm welcome to Liu Hongsheng and his delegation and spoke highly of the history of the cooperation between SINOCHEM International and Monsanto and the solid strategic partnership between them. Both sides conducted extensive exchanges on the pattern change, industrial development and policy trend, as well as the market trend of global agrochemical industry. Both sides reviewed the cooperation between them over the years and conducted in-depth discussions on further cooperation. Both sides agreed that the cooperation between SINOCHEM International and Monsanto conformed to the development strategies of the two companies and would continue to seek new cooperation opportunities. 

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