World’s Biggest Natural Rubber Platform Halcyon Agri Opens Business in Shanghai


On April 12,2017, the world’s biggest natural rubber platform and a listed company from Singapore, Halcyno Agri Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as Halcyon Agri) celebrated the newly established Halcyon Agri Natural Rubber (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai with a grand opening ceremony held at the Sinochem International Plaza.

Mr. Liu Hongsheng(General Manager of Sinochem International and Board Chairman of Halcyon Agri), Mr. Li Dajun (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Halcyon Agri), Mr. Robert Meyer (CEO of Halcyon Agri), senior managers from Halcyon Agri and important customers—in total  almost  100 people attended the nameplate unveiling ceremony.

During the ceremonies opening address, Mr. Liu Hongsheng confirmed that all assets and businesses of Halcyon Agri, home and abroad, had been integrated and business and management had been straightened out and clarified. The establishment of Halcyon Agri Shanghai marks the strong completion of Sinochem International’s mergers and acquisitions in the natural rubber industry. Halcyon Agri Shanghai will take over and continue to assume the responsibilities of Halcyon Agri in the Chinese natural rubber industry, and it will keep providing better products and services to customers as well as win-win benefits to partners.

In March 2016, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Sinochem International Singapore Co., Ltd., Sinochem International purchased 54.99% of Halcyon Agri’s stock rights. Based on that, Sinochem International integrated its existing natural rubber resources and created the largest natural rubber platform in the world.

Mr. Robert Meyer, CEO of Halcyon Agri, said in his speech at the ceremony: “We look forward to applying our philosophy of "HeShen", which means unite and prosper, to the Chinese market to bring prosperity to our company and to all other stockholders.”

The opening ceremony was presided by Mr. Yang Yu, General Manager of Halcyon Agri Shanghai. Mr. Liu Hongsheng and Mr. Robert Meyer unveiled the nameplate for Halcyon Agri Shanghai. Eight guests, including the Director of Business Delivery Department at the Shanghai Futures Exchange Mr. Gu Zhongguo stamped their names on the scroll saying “He Ze Chang Sheng” (meaning “United, We Will Prosper Together” in English).

Persons-in-charge from leading enterprises at home and abroad from the natural rubber industry, China Rubber Industry Association, Shanghai Futures Exchange and a number of banks attended the ceremony.

Chief Secretary of the China Rubber Industry Association Mr. Zheng Wenrong stated at the ceremony: “Halcyon Agri is not only a leader in the world’s natural rubber market, but also a powerful subsidiary of Sinochem International. Responding actively to State policies such as ‘Go Global’ and ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’, Sinochem keeps transforming and upgrading the natural rubber industry and planning global strategies. Through mergers and acquisitions, industrial chain expansion and core competitive power building, it has already completed its strategic path featuring walking out of China, marching into Southeast Asia and rooting in Africa.”

At present, Sinochem International has finished its global layout in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas as well as in parts of China, such as Hainan and Yunnan. Upstream and downstream industrial chains have become integrated, and its business scope covers planting, processing, marketing and other services related to natural rubber.

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