Sinochem International Ranks among Fortune China 500 for 10 Consecutive Years


On the evening of July 10, 2019 Fortune China 500 in 2019 was released on Fortunechina.com. It is a list that measures the performance and achievements of the largest listed Chinese companies over the past year. With a total operating income of RMB 59.9.5657 billion, Sinochem International ranked 151st on the list. For the last 10 consecutive years, Sinochem International has been included in the ranking.

Each year, Fortune magazine publishes the list of Fortune China 500, which offers an authoritative measurement of the profitability of businesses around the world. The list is compiled based on the information officially disclosed by all Chinese listed companies on stock exchanges at home and abroad. The results this year show that the company ranking last on the list delivered revenue of RMB 13.864 billion, representing an increase of 17% from RMB 16.238 billion in 2018.

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