Sinochem-SRICI Composite Materials Lab Unveiled


On April 26, 2019, Sinochem International and Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (SRICI) jointly unveiled the Sinochem-SRICI Composite Materials Lab at the Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. As another major initiative of Sinochem International in the sector of new materials, the platform will facilitate the multifaceted collaboration between the R&D of high-performance composite materials and drive the development of advanced composite materials technology in China.

Dr. Chen Baoshu, Chief Technology Officer of Sinochem International, Chen Xinmin, General Manager of Sinochem International R&D Management Department, Zhan Jinguo, Deputy General Manager and Vice President of SRICI, and Dr. Luo Yong, General Manager Assistant and Director of Science and Technology Development Department at SRICI, attended the unveiling ceremony.

Advanced composite materials, with lightweight, high-strength, and many other properties, represent significant advantages in terms of specific strength, fatigue resistance, and freedom of design, making them optimal choices in automotive, aerospace, and other industries. The sector of advanced composite materials is a key field for development under the Made in China 2025, which indicates broad prospects. The 13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan has also included carbon fiber and its composite materials as a major project for technological innovation.

At the ceremony, Dr. Chen Baoshu said, "The laboratory marks another milestone of Sinochem International’s practice in the technological innovation of new materials. Advanced composite materials constitute a pillar in the research and development of high-tech strategic materials, which is in line with the development strategy of Sinochem International. Leveraging this opportunity, Sinochem International is determined to expand cooperation with SRICI to build up a mature platform for all-round partnership in project selection, industrialization, and joint application."

"Our establishment of a collaborative laboratory for composite materials with Sinochem International is of great significance. The two sides will work together to promote the development, transformation, and application of carbon fiber and its curing resins as well as explore a collaboration and innovation model that engages research institutes and industrial groups. SRICI will give full play to its technical resources and advantages, partnering with Sinochem International to promote the industrialization and marketization of high-performance composite materials technologies and products,” noted Zhai Jinguo, Deputy General Manager and Vice President of SRICI.

The laboratory has now initiated its first R&D project – the spray-free carbon fiber composite materials. Designed for composites with continuous fiber, the spray-free resin system can deliver outstanding spraying performances. The finished composite parts are granted Grade-0 paint adhesion without any extra mechanical treatment, making them an alternative to traditional thermosetting resins such as polyesters, epoxy resins, and polyurethanes for composite materials. The product will be first applied to new energy vehicles, which not only lowers weight but also greatly reduces the application cost of composite materials and improves production efficiency.

In the future, the laboratory will also work on high-performance lightweight composite materials and technologies, to serve an array of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and more.

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