Sinochem and Sinotrans Launch "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network" Initiative


On October 15 and 16, SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem held the first forum on Sustainable Supply Chain Supplier in Shanghai. During this occasion, it launched the "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network" initiative together with Sinotrans Eastern Co., Ltd., calling upon companies, both upstream and downstream, to advance sustainable development. As the very first sustainable supply chain partner network in China's chemical industry, it aims to inject new momentum into the sustainable development of the sector.

The initiative was co-launched by SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem and Sinotrans Eastern Co., Ltd., where Sinochem will drive upstream chemical manufacturers to strengthen sustainable supply chain construction through responsible procurement. Sinotrans will realize interconnection through logistics and extend the downstream sustainable supply chain ecosystem centered on integrated logistics.

More than 100 representatives from Sinochem, Sinotrans, and over 30 suppliers attended the forum. More than 20 core partners at home and abroad, including Sinopec, PetroChina, Wanhua Chemical, Honeywell, and Shenhua, actively responded to the initiative and opted in by signing the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem that very day. In this way, they declare to abide by business conduct codes, accept legal and compliant operations, and practice sustainable development in a continuous manner.

(The supplier representatives signed the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem)

To a business, sustainable supply chain increasingly becomes its core competitiveness in today's global landscape. In 2011, six multinational companies including BASF launched the Together for Sustainability (TfS). The objective is to develop and implement a global supplier engagement program that assesses, audits and improves sustainability throughout the supply chain of the chemical industry. So far, 23 companies worldwide have joined the TfS. In China, the chemical industry is operating under a sustainable supply chain development model co-governed by the government, industry associations, and the society, but a central and leading organization has yet to be founded.

Wang Jun, Vice President of the Chemicals SBU of Sinochem, said, "The new era requires China's pioneering companies to play a leading role and be engaged in global sustainable supply chain governance. Sinochem is building itself into a world-class comprehensive chemical company in compliance with world-class standards. We attach great importance to sustainable development. Today, we launch the “Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network” initiative, hoping to attract and bring together more like-minded companies via this open platform. We will work together to promote the sustainable development of the chemical industry in China!"

(Wang Jun, Vice President of the Chemicals SBU of Sinochem, delivered a speech)

"As a leader in smart logistics, as well as a builder of the logistics ecosystem featuring sustainable supply chain, Sinotrans is willing to undertake its responsibilities together with Sinochem's supply chain partners, driving the construction of sustainable supply chain in the chemical sector through responsible procurement. We are always ready to embrace a more valued and brilliant future forged by innovation and hard work," said Chen Yanqing, Deputy General Manager of Sinotrans Eastern Co., Ltd.

In the future, the "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network" initiative will welcome more major stakeholders, such as suppliers, peer companies, industry associations, government departments, and professional sustainable organizations. With an aim to jointly improve sustainability, create sustainable supply chain models, and promote the co-governance and sharing by network members, we can form up a global circle of chemical supply chain partners that integrates sustainable production, sustainable logistics, sustainable services, and sustainable innovation.

As introduced by Huang Limin, Director of Supply Chain of Chemicals SBU of Sinochem, in the next step the company will compile standards and policies for the initiative, and regularly organize forums for sustainable supply chain suppliers to attract more partners to join. By 2025, it is expected to establish a supply chain ecosystem for China's chemical industry, build up the Sustainable Supply Chain Partner Network as an influential brand and Sinochem as a world-leading brand.

(The first Forum on Sustainable Supply Chain Supplier held by SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem)

SBU of Chemicals is one of the five business divisions of Sinochem Group – a Fortune Global 500 company. As the undertaker of Sinochem’s core "innovative fine chemical business", the business unit owns a number of companies and research institutes such as Sinochem International, Sinochem Lantian, and Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry and has developed strong competitiveness in fluorine chemicals, intermediates and new materials, agrochemicals, polymer additives, and medical care. It is also a leading provider of chemical products and integrated services in China, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions with 20,000 employees worldwide.

Following "Cooperation, Sharing, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development" as the theme, the first forum introduced the business unit's fundamental philosophy and content related to sustainable supply chain construction, CSR and HSE management system; meanwhile, the developments and prospects of sustainable supply chain were also discussed on the occasion, hoping to develop an interactive and mutually-beneficial sustainable development model with partners, and build up the brand image of Sinochem as "a responsible central enterprise, and a sustainable chemical giant".

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