Sennics Launches Polymer Additives Project in Lianyungang


On the morning of October 20, the groundbreaking ceremony of Sennics Chemical Polymer Additives Project took place at the Sinochem Circular Economy Industrial Park in Lianyungang. Liu Hongsheng, President of SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem, General Manager of Sinochem International and Chairman of Sennics, Su Fu, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International and CEO of Sennics, Xiang Xuelong, Secretary of CPC Lianyungang Municipal Committee and Fang Wei, Mayor of Lianyungang, together lighted up the crystal ball that symbolized the launch of the project. To the strategic development of Sennics, it marks a crucial step forward.

Shi Haibo, Secretary of the CPC Working Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Xuwei New District, Lianyungang, presided over the ceremony and said that the Sennics Chemical Polymer Additives Project, as the fourth project initiated by the Sinochem Circular Economy Industrial Park, is a key measure to practice “High-Quality Development, Latecomers Become the First”, a strategy proposed by the CPC Committee and Government of Xuwei New District, as well as a solid step taken by the region to build up a world-class petrochemical industrial base.

Su Fu, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International and CEO of Sennics, noted that Sennics Lianyungang has become a new starting point for the company’s innovation and entrepreneurship after more than a year of hard work. Sennics Lianyungang will align its construction with global advanced standards for environment and safety, process and equipment, input and output, and quality and brand. Leveraging the supporting resources and circular economy advantages of the park, the polymer additive project will independently develop world-leading green processes while introducing overseas technology. In this way, the company intends to gradually link up a “green, recycling” product chain, extend the industrial chain upstream and downstream, and grow into a top tier clean and intelligent green polymer additive production base featuring a complete product portfolio and perfect upstream and downstream facilities.

The President of SBU of Chemicals of Sinochem, General Manager of Sinochem International, and Chairman of Sennics, Liu Hongsheng, noted that Sinochem Circular Economy Industrial Park in Lianyungang is of strategic significance to the SBU of Chemicals to “establish innovative fine chemical enterprises”. The construction commencement of Sennics Lianyungang marks that Sennics has come to an important stage of development, and is also a milestone of the park. All Sennics employees should work together and make the best use of advantages and resources – directed by “High-Quality Development”, driven by "Green Innovation", inspired by "In Science We Trust" and supported by "Talent is the Key" to win the battle of strategic development. With the “determination and courage to found a new Sennics”, we will build Sennics Lianyungang into a strategic bridge tower for the innovation and development of the Chemicals SBU.

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