Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center Opens to Help Shanghai Build a Global Impact Scientific Innovation Center


On the morning of May 10, Sinochem International held a grand opening ceremony in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, and announced that the Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center was officially established after two years of construction. This not only marks the birth of another "think tank" in China's chemical industry, but also provides motivation for Shanghai to build itself into "a science and technology innovation center with global influence".

(Opening ceremony of Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center)

Feng Zhibin, Vice President of Sinochem Group and Chairman of Sinochem International, addressed at the opening ceremony: "The Science and Technology Innovation Center marks Sinochem International's important step forward along its path to industrial transformation. At the same time, as a central enterprise, we are obliged to take the lead in helping Shanghai grow into a science and technology innovation center."

Sinochem International Science and Technology Innovation Center is expected to become "a think tank" for fine chemicals in China, dedicated to the research on chemical advanced materials and agrochemical formulations. The center aims to break the technological monopoly by foreign multinational companies and fill in the vacancy in the domestic technologies. It will greatly enhance the company's R&D capabilities of superior and high-performance materials and automotive chemicals, and lead the technological development of these fields.

As a member of Sinochem Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, Sinochem International aims to become "a flagship in the innovative fine chemical industry" in China. Last year, Sinochem International responded to the 13th Five-Year Plan of the chemical industry by adjusting its development strategy and defining electronic chemicals, high-performance materials and automotive chemicals as future focuses. These high-tech value-added products will depend heavily on the R&D capabilities of the Science and Technology Innovation Center.

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