Sinochem International receives CSR award for excellence in sustainability disclosures


Sinochem International was awarded a top corporate social responsibility award in December for its outstanding performance in disclosing environmental indicators and continuous efforts to reduce environmental impact.

The company received the 2019 GoldenBee Outstanding CSR Report Award – Disclosure on Environmental Responsibility. The award-winning CSR report, which was issued by Sinochem International in May 2019, has for the first time clarified that sustainable development was incorporated into its corporate strategy.

This report was prepared in accordance with GRI standards, and provided high-quality disclosures on environmental indicators such as emissions, resource use, and the impact of corporate operations on the environment.

Sinochem International has also proactively disclosed a large amount of research and development investment in eco-friendly pesticides, which help repair soil environment and reduce wastewater discharge, and membrane materials.

The report also highlighted the company’s efforts to aid countries along the Belt and Road to improve their agricultural environment, demonstrating that the company is making all efforts to minimize the negative environmental impact.

“Investors are looking beyond financial statements and technical capabilities. As one of the first A-share listed companies to voluntarily disclose CSR reports, our company is always committed to improving its performance in environmental, social and governance aspects. These efforts have been highly recognized by investors and helped strengthen our industrial capabilities,” said Ke Xiting, Secretary of the Board of Sinochem International, at a panel discussion at the award ceremony.

Sennics, an affiliate of Sinochem International, also received the 2019 GoldenBee Outstanding CSR Report Award – Growth Enterprise.

The GoldenBee China CSR Report Awards, presented by China Sustainability Tribune, is one of the most authoritative CSR awards series in China. This year, 90 companies and organizations are the award winners.

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