Sinochem International Establishes Sustainable Development Committee

On Feb. 24, 2020, the Board of Sinochem International approved a proposal to establish a Sustainable Development Committee under the Board, to further improve the corporate governance structure, strengthen the ESG management.
Sinochem International Chairman Yang Hua will be President of the committee, and Board Director and General Manager Liu Hongsheng and Independent Director Xu Yongqian will serve as members on the committee. The committee has set up a Sustainable Development Task Force which is supported in execution by five special groups: HSE , Sustainable Production, Community Communication, Employee Care, and Sustainable Supply Chain.
In recent years, Sinochem International has enhanced its sustainable development management system. In 2018, the company incorporated sustainable development into its corporate strategy and formulated a three-year action plan. With the establishment of the Sustainable Development Committee, the company will further improve this system and promote the integration of sustainable development into daily management, its growth model transformation, and innovate as a sustainable business. It will also identify and control safety procedures in addition to environmental protection and other sustainability risks and opportunities for balanced economic, social, and environmental development.
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