Sinochem International inaugurates new site of sci-tech innovation center


On February 25, the new site of Sinochem International Sci-Tech Innovation Center in Shanghai's Pudong New Area was officially inaugurated.

As a "think-tank" in the headquarters of Sinochem International, the new center will further foster sci-tech research and development in a bid to contribute to high-quality development of China's chemical industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and Shanghai's ambition to become a global sci-tech innovation center.

Chen Baoshu, CTO of Sinochem International, said, "As the R&D platform of Sinochem International headquarters, the Sci-Tech Innovation Center will focus on key R&D projects, accelerate the development of new products, advance commercialization, and create an innovation engine for chemical technologies."

Sinochem International Sci-Tech Innovation Center was established in 2017. The new site covers a total area of 14,400 square meters and has more than 400 sets of various instruments.

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