ELIX Polymers Donates Special ABS Grades to Spanish Medical Manufacturers


ELIX Polymers has donated a large amount of ELIX ABS 3D-FC, a 3D printing material, to Spanish medical manufacturers recently, in response to high demand of hospitals for medical masks, ventilator valves and other medical equipment amid the COVID-19 crisis.

3D-FC, a special material developed by ELIX for the healthcare sector, is compliant with the ISO 10993 and USP class VI biocompatibility standards. The product has been included in Drug Master Files (DMF) for use in medical and food contact applications in both Europe and the USA. It can be processed on several brands of 3D printers.

Ford Motor Company (which has switched some of its production in automobiles to medical equipment), research organization AIMPLAS, and two Spanish plastics processors, PESL and SIIM, are producing filaments in ELIX ABS 3D-FC to print masks and face protection components for distribution to hospitals and care homes.

ELIX Polymers is a European manufacturer specialized in engineering plastics based in Spain, which merged into Sinochem International in 2019.

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