Sinochem International launches two recycled ABS resins


ELIX Polymers (ELIX), an affiliate with Sinochem International, has recently released two recycled ABS resins. This is the first batch of commercial products launched by ELIX's environmental brand E-LOOP, which will contribute to the eco-friendly transformation and upgrading of the global synthetic resin industry.

The two new recycled resin products E-LOOP H801 MR and E-LOOP M220 are developed based on the two widely used materials ELIX H801 and ELIX M220 in the ELIX product library, respectively. These materials can maintain the same high-quality performance and characteristics, while enabling the recycling of resins, reducing carbon footprint, and contributing to the circular economy.

Among them, E-LOOP H801 MR is made of mechanically recycled materials, and E-LOOP M220 is made of chemically recycled materials that have obtained ISCC Plus certification. The two products are now used in the automotive and toy industries, respectively.

In February 2021, ELIX officially launched the environmental brand E-LOOP. It represents ELIXs circular economy initiative in terms of products, design and services, symbolizing its commitment to sustainable development and empowering ELIX, customers and partners to achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development.

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